STORM PCGuard with USB Charger - 3 Metres Length

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Storm PCGuard with USB Charger ความยาว 3 Metres

- Nonflammable Case
- Modem Protection
- Circuit Breaker
- High-frequency Capacitor
- 2 Port USB Charger

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Storm PCGuard with USB Charger ความยาว 3 Metres

With 2 Port USB Charger!!

Nonflammable Case
The case of PC Guard is made of “Nonflammable ABS plastic” which is not only eliminate electrical - leak but also prevent fire.

Modem Protection
Modem protection outlet will bypass surge current induced into telephone line by lightning to prevent your computer and modem from electical damage.

Circuit Breaker
PC Guard can protect and suppress your computer and electical from overloading sparking and surging faster than fuse because PC Guard use circuit breaker easy to reset by pressing the button.

High-frequency Capacitor
Provides Maximum reduction of AC line noise contamination over the widest frequency range.

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